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Best of Request Vol. 2


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Best of Request Volume Two
Created by Eryck Webb Graphics

Rated PG - While I consider it all-ages appropriate, some parental guidance may still be applicable.

An original artbook collection by Eryck Webb Graphics. A year book collection of over 500+ of the best and favorite drawing requests and silly sketches from the 2017 Drawing Request Show stream year on Twitch TV!

This book includes:
Digest / Manga sized book
-Color Cover Front and Back
-250 Pgs Black and White
-500+ hand sorted best and favorite drawings from 2017, the second stream year of Drawing Request Show, as seen created on twitch.tv/eryckwebb
-Drawing, stream and creative commentary and stream insights by Eryck Webb throughout the book
-Collected stream peripheral content from social media, ads, fanart, emotes and even a record book of the years notable streamstats.
-Every book includes a quick hand drawn sketch and signature on the first page. Sketch thought up/ chosen randomly by Eryck Webb.

- +5.00 US and +30.00 Outside of US
- Book(s) shipped in padded, durable, waterproof bubble mailer
- Please make sure your address at checkout is the correct address to mail your book to! We want it to arrive safely!
- Cost reduced on shipping when buying more than one!

This book was released in 2018.

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